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Watch Conan O'Brien Dress Dogs as King Kong and Godzilla to Destroy Comic-Con (Video)

"King Korgie vs. Dogzilla" battle on the streets of San Diego in cut "Conan" sketch

Conan O'Brien wanted to do a segment in which Godzilla and King Kong would destroy the city of San Diego and the attendees of Comic-Con. But failing to get the actual monsters, O'Brien recruited the two next best things: a pair of dogs dressed as King Kong and Godzilla.

The resulting sketch, "King Korgie vs. Dogzilla," actually went pretty poorly, so it got cut from the episode of "Conan" they filmed at Comic-Con. But it's still adorable, so O'Brien shared the cut segment late Tuesday.

O'Brien dressed up a Corgi in a furry sweater to make it look like King Kong and then put a Basset Hound in plastic Godzilla scales with a massive lizard tail, and the idea was for them to run around a miniature play area and demolish some model buildings. They even brought out model fighter jets and toy, remote-control tanks driven by rats to make it look more exciting.

Instead, the dogs sort of sniffed around, ate a few scraps, and then tried to get out of the play area within seconds. It certainly didn't go as planned, but thankfully it was cute enough that O'Brien shared it anyway.

"Again, not too much happening. Some buildings kind of being knocked over, and there they go! They've had enough of this bulls---," O'Brien said as he tried to make it exciting. "And you can see why we didn't want to put this on the air necessarily, but we just thought f--k it, why not give it a shot. This is the kind of stupidity America needs more of, not less of."

O'Brien also hosted the cast of "It Chapter Two" and Mark Hamill as part of his annual shows from San Diego Comic-Con.

Watch the cut sketch above.