Watch David Blaine’s Weird Magic Freak Out Jimmy Fallon (Video)

Magician extraordinaire leaves “The Tonight Show” host dazed and confused

“I’m only going to do simply things… nothing weird. Just simple card tricks,” magician extraordinaire David Blaine told Jimmy Fallon and The Roots on Friday’s “The Tonight Show.”

“Simply,” no. “Nothing weird,” as if. “Weird magic” is Blaine’s m.o., as he’s done everything from burying himself alive to encasing himself in a block of ice.

Blaine began showing Fallon a few complicated card tricks that had them moving from his hands to a member of the house band’s hand, freaking everyone out in the process.

But the real “Huh?!” moment came when Fallon asked Blaine about his Nov. 15 special on ABC “David Blaine: Beyond Magic” and what is the craziest thing he does in the show.

“There is one that I worked on which is called The Human Aquarium. It’s, like, one of my favorite things,” Blaine said. “The concept is, a hundred years ago, there’s a guy that converted his stomach into an aquarium, where he could store live creatures… and then he could bring them up at will.”

Fallon and the band silently stared at Blaine in disbelief. “If it was possible, it would kind of–” Blaine said, drinking a glass of water to demonstrate.

Seeing is believing and this is something you must see. Check it out above.