Watch Donald Trump Get Schooled by Michigan Pastor For Anti-Hillary Tirade (Video)

“I invited you here to thank us… not to give a political speech,” Flint preacher tells GOP nominee

Donald Trump got schooled by a pastor in Flint, Michigan, on Wednesday.

The Rev. Faith Green Timmons was so unhappy with Trump’s partisan attacks on Hillary Clinton that she interrupted the Republican candidate while he was speaking at the pulpit of her Bethel United Methodist Church to offer a free lesson in Etiquette 101.

“Mr. Trump, I invited you here to thank us … not to give a political speech,” Timmons said as she walked up to Trump.

“Oh, O.K., O.K., that’s good,” Trump responded. “And I’m going to go back onto Flint.”

Trump’s visit to Flint was supposed to focus to on the city’s public health crisis. But his speech seemed to focus on Clinton instead. That, apparently didn’t sit well with the church’s pastor.

“Hillary failed on the economy, just like she’s failed on foreign policy, everything she touched didn’t work out — nothing. Now Hillary Clinton…” Trump said before Rev. Green interrupted him.

This was Trump’s first visit to the city since lead was detected in its water supply in 2014.

More than 100,000 people have been affected by what has become a full-blown water crisis after Gov. Rick Snyder’s administration decided switch the city’s water supply from Detroit to the untreated Flint River water.

Trump’s visit has angered many of the city’s residents. Flint Mayor Karen Weaver, a Democrat, denounced the visit, calling it a distraction.

“Flint is focused on fixing the problems caused by lead contamination of our drinking water, not photo ops,” Weaver said.

Hillary Clinton last visited Flint in February.