Watch Donald Trump’s Most Shocking Insults of 2015 (Video)

From Mexicans to Muslims to Megyn Kelly, TheWrap looks at the GOP frontrunner’s biggest jaw-dropping moments

Donald Trump pretty much spent 2015 hurling insults at anything that moved.

It started with his jaw-dropping presidential announcement, when the former reality TV host called Mexican immigrants “rapists,” though to be fair, he did acknowledge that “some” of them are “good people.”

He didn’t stop there. The GOP candidate, emboldened by rising poll numbers, went on to insult Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly for asking tough questions during a debate, Rosie O’Donnell for no specific reason, Muslims for being Muslim, Hillary Clinton for needing to use the bathroom, and he compared fellow Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson to a child molester.

In short, Trump’s list of insults is longer than a J.R.R. Tolkien trilogy.

Whether or not he wins the Republican presidential nomination, the real-estate mogul has already proven he’s got staying power, turning the Republican primary race upside down and leaving veteran pundits scratching their heads as they try to explain his unexplainable rise in the polls.

Watch some of Donald Trump’s most memorable insults of 2015 in the video above.