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Watch Drew Carey Get Knocked to the Ground by ‘The Price Is Right’ Contestant (Video)

Game show host receives a crash course in the laws of gravity thanks to a hug-seeking fan

Drew Carey, come on down — to the floor of “The Price Is Right” stage!

“The Price Is Right” host Drew Carey got a crash course in the laws of gravity on Wednesday’s episode when an enthusiastic contestant sent him hurtling to the ground and nearly clean off the stage.

Carey’s fall from uprightness occurred when Sona was called up to the stage to play. In her glee, Sona grabbed Carey to hug him, a move that caused Carey to tumble floor-ward and to the edge of the stage.

Luckily, Sona was gracious enough to help Carey back to his feet — and Carey escaped the ordeal unbroken.