Watch Dustin Diamond Play Harvey Weinstein, Get Stabbed to Death in TENLo’s New Music Video

Things get bloody for “Screech” as he turns into the tarnished Hollywood exec

Dustin Diamond Harvey Weinstein

He might be 100 pounds too light and 25 years too young, but Dustin Diamond has morphed into disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein for a new music video.

In perhaps his finest work since “Saved by the Bell,” the actor best known as “Screech” plays the mogul in rock band TENLo’s video for “Kill All The Things.” There’s plenty here: “Weinstein” snorting a substance in a bad tan suit? Check. Shots of Whiskey? Check. A sexy nun with a taste for blood? Uh, check.

The Milwaukee band tapped Diamond, who now lives in Wisconsin, to play the former kingpin in the dark video. Channeling what many of his accusers have detailed in sexual assault claims against him, Diamond’s character meets the nun in a hotel bar and quickly moves to the bedroom. In TENLo’s version of events, however, things turn out poorly for Weinstein.

Check out the video below to see Diamond as skinny-Weinstein.