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Watch Fox News Anchor Neil Cavuto’s Touching Tribute to Former Colleague Who Died of Cancer (Video)

Business anchor ends ”Your World“ honoring producer Annie Goodman, who died Wednesday at 33 after a battle with cancer

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto ended his show Wednesday covering a brave behind-the-scenes figure: Annie Goodman, a Fox News producer who died Wednesday at the age of 33 after a long battle with cancer.

“Annie knew her odds, but she also knew she wasn’t going down without a fight,” Cavuto said. “When I asked her about how it felt to be the face of the disease, leave it to Annie to zing back: ‘I’m just sorry I couldn’t offer a pretty face.’ She was pretty wrong.”

Cavuto went on to describe Goodman as always funny, always blunt, and never settling for not having the last word.

“Sometimes she made you cry, but sometimes it’s as if she’d pull a Cher in ‘Moonstruck’ and slap herself out of it,” Cavuto said. “That was when Annie would talk about things like losing her hair and about her wigs … man, oh man did Annie have a lot of wigs.”

Cavuto then shared a tweet Goodman penned in October:

“Annie, you get the last word, but just this last time, and only because you left us speechless kiddo,” said Cavuto, as he grew gradually more chocked up. “Annie Goodman, gone way too soon, at 33.”

Watch video below: