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Watch George Clooney Take Shelter From Sudan Bombing (Video)

Oscar winner takes news feature show to conflict zone in clip from forthcoming episode of ”ASPIREist“

Call it a case of George Clooney doing his own stunts — the actor and activist is bringing attention to the harrowing bombing campaign raging in the South Sudan.

The Academy Award-winner is featured on a new episode of the issue-based docuseries “ASPIREist,” which airs Sunday mornings on the USA Network.

The series, not an original program of USA but from the producers of “60 Minutes” and alumns of the popular TED Talks, tackles a different social issue per show. In this installment, Clooney takes a crew to the conflict-stricken Sudan, where he details the ongoing violence inflicted against the population.

“If everywhere I go there’s going to be cameras, I might as well go somewhere that actually could use cameras,” Clooney said.

 Watch the full clip here.