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Watch James Corden Face His Doppelganger In Creepy ‘Us’ Parody (Video)

”The Late Late Show“ host’s horror is titled ”We“ … for ”copyright reasons“

Last Updated: March 26, 2019 @ 7:43 AM

If Jordan Peele was going to make his movie “Us” about doppelgängers coming after you, he should’ve definitely expected there would be copycats — and that James Corden would be one of them.

“The Late Late Show” host did his own parody of Peele’s “Us” on Monday night along with his band leader Reggie Watts also called “Us.” Scratch that, it’s actually “We.”

“It’s for copyright reasons, just go with it,” Corden says.

The sketch is a reenactment of the now iconic trailer for the film, starting with Corden and Watts singing “I Got Five On It,” which is not about pizza toppings as Corden suggests (you can find out what it really signifies here). Corden and Watts then come face-to-face with clones of themselves dressed in red trying to take over hosting duties of the show, breaking out his best “Winston Duke with a bat” voice he.

“What are all these rabbits doing here. Did we book another magic act,” Corden asks. “Oh I get it, it’s an out of context creepy thing. Very good.”

They may just be creepy looking in “We,” but in “Us” Peele put them there for a specific reason. You can find out why that is here.

And watch Corden’s “Us” parody above.