Watch Jimmy Fallon and John Cena Dance to Bruno Mars’ ‘Finesse’

Welcome back to “Ew!”

John Cena joined Jimmy Fallon for the recurring segment “Ew!” on Wednesday night, and the two showed off some “finesse” dance moves.

In the sketch, the WWE Superstar joined Fallon’s teenage girl persona Sarah as her friend Addison, who just transferred back into the school district and looks a lot … bigger.

“I had a little bit of a growth spurt, my mom says I’m going through some changes,” Cena-as-Addison said.

After a discussion about cheerleading versus football, the girls decide to prepare for dance team tryouts by practicing their routine to Bruno Mars’ “Finesse.” But the party is stopped when Sarah’s totally “ew” stepdad Gary barges in. Of course, he prefers to go by “Step-daddy G.” Ew!

The friends couldn’t complete the segment without an Ew Speed Round, in which Sarah held up pictures for Addison to say the first thing that pops into her head. John Cena? Ew! Steve Martin? Cute.

Watch the full sketch above.