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Watch John Kasich Handle a Pro-Donald Trump Protestor (Video)

Kasich comes up with a quick quip that plays to the Ohio crowd

After staying alive in the GOP race by winning Ohio, John Kasich was about to address a crowd of supporters on Tuesday night when a Donald Trump-supporting protestor interrupted.

“When you went to college in the 1970s, you appreciated good, peaceful protest every once in a while,” the Ohio governor quipped.

The pro-Trump demonstrator was led out of the room, red Trump hat in hand.

Kasich’s win — and Marco Rubio’s exit from the race Tuesday after he failed to win in his home state of Florida — means the Ohio governor is the Republican establishment’s last hope of keeping Trump from winning the party’s presidential nomination.

Ted Cruz also remains in the race, but is almost as reviled by some Republican insiders as Trump is.

The protest Tuesday may be only be the beginning of the drama in Kasich’s future. He hopes to fight Trump all the way to the Republican convention in Cleveland.