Watch John Mulaney Completely Blow His 2009 ‘SNL’ On-Camera Debut (Video)

Fans can (half) blame Bobby Moynihan for this fail

John Mulaney, who is hosting “SNL” this weekend for the second time, didn’t quite stick the landing in his 2009 on-camera debut, back when he was a “Saturday Night Live” writer. Thankfully, Jimmy Fallon has the video evidence.

Mulaney guested on Thursday’s “Tonight Show” to promote his weekend gig down the hall. While he was there, the stand-up comic shared his “SNL” journey, from failed cast-member audition to present.

Despite not making the cut as a performer, Mulaney was brought aboard as a writer in 2008. The following year, he was called on to be a gloried extra in an Activia Yogurt commercial spoof starring Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis and Abby Elliott. Mulaney didn’t quite nail that very supporting role — and fans can half-blame Bobby Moynihan for that.

Playing a clapboard operator, Mulaney did his “Take 1!” line without a hitch — and then he got caught celebrating a little too much.

“Then I walked off camera … and then Bobby Moynihan was there, and it was my first time on-camera,” Mulaney recalled. “So we start high-fiving — like, a lot. Like, way too much for one line.”

“And then I look over and Lorne [Michaels] is starring at us,” he continued, “and then I realize that I’m late and I missed my cue. And I ran back on and was like ‘Take 5!’ It was a full lull.”

It sure was. Mulaney thought maybe nobody else noticed, but he learned otherwise at the “SNL” after-party that night.

Watch the video above. Sudeikis’ face as he waits for Mulaney is pretty priceless.

Better luck this weekend, bud.