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Watch Kellyanne Conway Sing Why She Stuck With Trump on ‘SNL': To Be More Famous Than Kanye (Video)

Conway becomes a Broadway star on ‘SNL’ in Kate McKinnon’s awesome musical number

Kate McKinnon’s “SNL” version of Kellyanne Conway has struggled with her role in the Donald Trump campaign. During the election, she had to spend one whole day off explaining Trump tweets in one of the show’s more brilliant sketches.

Now “Saturday Night Live” has finally explained why Conway stuck by Trump: the fame. Duh.

After diverting questions from Jake Tapper (Beck Bennett) about President Trump’s plans to meet with Vladimir Putin, Conway reminded everyone that Trump, in fact, won the election. You can check out the full song above.

When a fed-up Tapper finally asked Conway why she kept defending Trump, she leaped into song.

“I’m gonna be a celebrity that means somebody everyone knows,” McKinnon sang. “They’re going to recognize my eyes, my hair, my nose, my boobs. I’m going to be not just some dumb girl from a blueberry farm, I’m gonna be Conway. Who says lying’s not an art and when they google just ‘K’ my name will come up before Kanye. Kellyanne Conway.”

Tapper stopped Conway to remind her just how much power she has as a close adviser to President Trump. The upshot for McKinnon’s Conway: All the interviews she can do.

“Oh, my God, Jake. Do you know what this means?” She said. “You’re right. Boys — they’re gonna wait outside in line to get to see Conway. Think of those autographs I’ll sign ‘Good luck to you, Conway,’ and I’ll appear in a sleeveless dress on any show. They’ll let me do ‘Meet the Press,’ ‘Anderson,’ if they call I’ll do the show.”

Conway also explained the important of spin, which is key to everything she does. She hasn’t always been a Trump supporter, but that doesn’t always matter.

“Hey, know what’s weird? This time last year I supported Ted Cruz,” McKinnon said during an interlude. “I said Donald Trump acted unpresidential. It’s on tape. But hey, that’s show biz, kids.”