Watch Kevin Hart Take on Vine Star Klarity in Rap Battle (Video)

The rap battle takes a turn for the weird when Klarity calls Chocolate Droppa “sexy”

Last Updated: October 16, 2016 @ 11:05 PM

Kevin Hart‘s alter ego, Chocolate Droppa, seems to have gained a little (a lot) of confidence after his rap battle with Lil Wayne because now he’s trying to take on everybody — well, at least the multi-hyphenate Klarity.

In a video posted Saturday to the comedian’s Facebook page, you see Hart and Klarity walk up and face each other, each of them with their respective squads behind them.

The two greeted each other in all seriousness to gear up for battle, but Chocolate Droppa and the Vine star broke out of character for a few seconds to promote Hart’s comedy stand-up film, “What Now?” — but then Klarity got a little irritated with the commercial break and stated his desire to get back to business.

“We gon’ battle or what?” asked Klarity.

After exchanging some choice words, Chocolate Droppa got the honor of going first.

“I’m looking at a man considered to be weak, I see filet-O-fish but this week I’m not trynna eat,” rapped Droppa. “Mohawks [Klarity was sporting a mohawk, by the way] don’t come down my road, ’cause when I eat ice cream I stay true to rocky road.”

At this point, Hart’s personal trainer, who goes by “Boss,” said “bars” after Droppa spit out his line. (“Bars” is usually said to indicate that a couplet in a rap verse was really good — in case you’re wondering, Droppa’s line wasn’t good.)

The rap battle took a turn for the weird when Klarity called Chocolate Droppa “sexy.”

The video has already been viewed almost 5 million times on Facebook.

Watch the video above.