Watch Little Boy Slay ‘Let It Go’ at Idina Menzel Concert (Video)

He was so good, the Broadway star made him sing it twice

Idina Menzel knows talent when she sees it, and she saw it during a Dallas, Texas, after bringing up the only boy in the audience to give his best rendition of “Let It Go,” the viral song from Disney’s “Frozen.”

As soon as Luke Chacko hit the high note, Menzel clearly looks impressed, and the audience goes nuts with cheers and applause. So nuts, in fact, that Menzel had Chacko sing it a second time.

“Can you all just shut up for a minute and let him sing it again?” the singer joked the audience. “You’re not hearing all the subtleties because you’re screaming. And that’s okay but now let’s do it again.”

The second time, Chacko kicked it up another notched and killed it, looking very much at home on stage, mic in hand.

Watch the video above.