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Here Is Megan Mullally Getting Drunk and a Cake Being Decimated (Exclusive Video)

There is some delicious awkwardness in this exclusive clip from ”Trouble Dolls“

Best friends, show business, Megan Mullally being very creepy, and a very disrespected angel food cake.

What more could you want in a movie?

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Jess Weixler (“The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby,” “The Good Wife”) and Jennifer Prediger (“Red Flag,” “A Teacher”) make their writing and directorial debuts on “Trouble Dolls,” a dramedy in which they also star as co-dependent friends who flee to LA to escape their existential and financial demons in New York.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of more problems — and weird relatives — waiting for them in LA.

The film, coincidentally, premieres at the LA Film Festival on June 15.

Below is an exclusive still from the film, too:

Trouble Dolls