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Watch Nancy Grace’s Boring Interview With Casey Anthony’s Ex-Roommates (Video)

The Headline News hawk is growing desperate in her attempts to lambaste the Tot Mom, who will walk free July 17

The Casey Anthony trial has come to a close, but Headline News battle-ax Nancy Grace isn't even close to being finished with her assault on the case's every minute detail.

On Thursday night — hours after a Florida judge sentenced Casey Anthony to four years in county jail, less time served, on four counts of lying to police officers — Grace chatted with two former roommates of the accused mother.

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As the incredibly dull and seemingly pointless after-the-verdict interview shows, Grace is doing her very best to keep scratching on the coffin of the controversial murder trial, which has delivered huge ratings for Headline News.

Grace has been almost insanely vocal in her disapproval of the verdict of the woman she calls "Tot Mom."

Anthony will walk free on July 17 after having been acquitted of the most serious charges of manslaughter and aggravated child abuse in the unexplained 2008 death of her daughter, Caylee.