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Watch New ‘Imitation Game’ Trailer (Exclusive)

”Alan Turing’s time has come,“ says a new trailer obtained by TheWrap

A new exclusive trailer for the Oscar-nominated “Imitation Game” obtained by TheWrap depicts Alan Turing’s struggle to crack the Enigma code during WWII.

“To save his country, he offered his mind, and risked his life,” the narrator says. “Now his time has come.”

The drama, which has been nominated for eight Oscars, follows the story of British cryptologist Alan Turing, the mathematician who solved the Nazis’code to help the Allies intercept messages and end the war.

Ultimately, Turing would be convicted of indecency for being a gay man, which was illegal in Britain at the time, leading to his suicide.

In the newest trailer, Benerdict Cumberbatch’s Turing deals with the inner conflict regarding whether he’s a machine, a war hero, a criminal, or a normal person.

Watch the trailer above.