Watch Obama Surprise Joe Biden With the Medal of Freedom (Video)

“For the final time as president, I’m pleased to award our nation’s highest civilian honor,” Obama tells his vice president

President Barack Obama awarded Joe Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Thursday during a special ceremony at the White House proving once again that their bromance is goes beyond a mere professional working relationship.

According to ABC, the vice president had no idea that he would be bestowed with such a prestigious award let alone the event itself. Everything remained secret until Biden entered the room, which was filled with family and colleagues.

“Joe, for your faith in your fellow Americans, for your love of country and for your lifetime of service that will endure through the generations, I’d like to ask the military aid to join us on stage,” said Obama. “For the final time as President, I’m pleased to award our nation’s highest civilian honor — the Presidential Medal of Freedom.”

At this point, Biden was caught off guard and couldn’t hold it together, and frankly neither could we. The vice president took a napkin out of his back pocket and began to wipe away his tears.

But the president wasn’t finished with flinging out surprises. There was more.

For the first and only time in his presidency, Obama gave out the medal with distinction — an honor that had been reserved for Pope John Paul II, Ronald Reagan and Colin Powell.

Even the internet couldn’t handle how precious that moment was.

“I’m gonna miss the Obamas and the Bidens so freaking much. That video of him awarding Biden had me in tears,” wrote one Twitter user.

Some people even felt that the outgoing vice president deserved more than the Medal of Freedom

“Can we give Joe Biden our planet and solar system while we’re at it?” remarked another user.

But most just longed for a friendship as beautiful as Obama and Biden’s.

“President Obama & VP Biden are friendship goals,” wrote another.

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