Watch R. Kelly Sing a 45-Minute Song About His Life (Video)

Check it out the next time you’re “Trapped in the Closet” for a while

We knew R. Kelly was longwinded based on his 33-part rap opera “Trapped in the Closet” — but this is ridiculous.

GQ recently asked the R&B singer to croon his life story on video. What the men’s magazine got was 45 minutes and 45 seconds worth of singing, talking and sunglasses-on/sunglasses-off.

The “I Believe I Can Fly” singer remembered aloud being shot as a youngster, coming up in the competitive music industry, and being torn down in the press.

At one point he did a Bruce Lee impression, complete with air nunchucks.

Then he said the following: “Bruce Lee was Ali, Ali was Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan was Superman, Superman was Spider-Man, Spider-Man was Batman, Batman was Martin Luther King, Martin Luther King was Moses.”

We’re pretty sure that was all one big metaphor about artistry and inspiration, since none of those real people, biblical figures, or comic book superheroes literally are each other.

Later the “R” in Robert Kelly promises it’s still all about the music for him, despite the awards and the lawsuits.

“I love music, I’m pregnant by it — I’m gonna have apelets,” the voice behind “The World’s Greatest” stated.

Watch the full thing above — or for those with a life, an abridged version below.