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Watch ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards’ Explosive Fight (Video)

The women of the Bravo reality show mark their European vacation with smashed glasses, throat-grabbing and an epic screaming match

Screeching cat fights are nothing new on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” but Tuesday night’s showdown in Amsterdam really took the drama to a whole new level.

The Dutch city is know for its risqué nightlife, but it was no party when the Bravo women came to town.

The mounting tension between Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards bubbled into an explosive fight during a group dinner. Smashed glasses, throat-grabbing and and an epic screaming match were just the appetizer as the women literally went for the jugular.

The conflict had begun back home when new cast member Rinna talked to the other women about Richards’ sobriety at a poker party, and even went as far as suggesting an intervention.

“You have gone around to everybody and talked about it, asking where I’ve gone to treatment, do I have a sponsor,” Richards accuses, while pointing her finger in anger. As Rinna tries to claim it was because they cared about her, Kim fires back: “I told you on the plane, I am fine. I am concerned about you and your situation at home.”

The shocked expression on Rinna’s face shows she touched a raw nerve, and Richards suggests they talk about her home life instead. When Eileen Davidson tries to jump in between them she gets called a “beast” and is told by Richards: “I don’t like you,” as the pair proceed to spat like children.

Kim then even turns her anger on sister Kyle Richards, demanding that she should have told the women that she had been OK for three years. “You never have. Kathy would have my back like a real sister.”

Rinna then jumps back in the ring to side with Kyle, telling Kim that she shouldn’t talk to her sister like that, which is when things really get out of control as Richards says: “Lets talk about the husband,” referring to Harry Hamlin, threatening her that “everybody will know.”

“Don’t you ever talk about my husband EVER,” Rinna screeches as she lunges across and tries to grab her nemesis by the throat. She then resorts to throwing her drink, smashing her glass on the table and screams “don’t you ever go after my fucking husband,” as the women jump away from the flying shards.

Watch the video here.