Watch Rob Lowe Chicken Out as KFC’s New Colonel Sanders (Video)

“West Wing” alum vows to launch a sandwich into space in out-of-this-world promo

rob lowe colonel sanders

Apparently Rob Lowe’s plate hasn’t been quite full enough lately, because he’s just plopped a piping-hot load of KFC onto it.

“West Wing” alum Lowe made his debut as KFC’s latest Colonel Sanders on Friday, donning the white wig and mustache to plug the fast-food chain’s Zinger sandwich.

In the ad, Lowe gets in a few zingers himself, striking a very presidential pose at a podium and promising to “push KFC’s spicy chicken to new heights” — literally, by launching it into space.

Lowe is the latest in a distinguished line of stars to take on the Colonel Sanders persona. In recent years, Darrell Hammond, Norm Macdonald and Jim Gaffigan have offered their take on Sanders.

Watch Lowe take a crack at Sanders in the video: