Jimmy Fallon Proves Sean Spicer ‘Will Survive’ in Brilliant ‘Tonight Show’ Mashup (Video)

Former press secretary is gone from the White House, but he is not forgotten

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One of the best parts about Sean Spicer’s role as White House Press Secretary was the “Saturday Night Live” sketches he inspired. But now that he has stepped down, nighttime television may need to find a new way to make fun of him. “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to the rescue!

On Monday, “The Tonight Show” posted a video on Twitter of Spicey “singing” Gloria Gaynor’s classic disco hit, “I Will Survive.” OK, so, he’s not really singing. Instead, they took snippets from his various press conferences and pieced together to form the exact song lyrics.

Observe Spicer’s musical talent below.