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Watch Snoop Dogg Narrate a Battle Between Squirrel and Snake (Video)

Rapper offers blunt observations on wildlife in his new nature documentary series

Marlin Perkins is probably rolling in his grave right now. Or perhaps rolling a fatty and preparing to watch Snoop Dogg‘s bold new twist on the nature documentary genre.

Rapper/weed aficionado Snoop Dogg added another item to his resume this week with the launch of the series “Planet Snoop,” via his website Merry Jane.

The new series is inspired by the rapper’s “Planet Earth” parodies on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” which prompted an online petition demanding that he narrate an entire season of “Planet Earth.”

In the inaugural installment, Snoop provides the bite-by-bite in a battle between a snake and a squirrel.

“This is an easy win for the snake,” Snoop opines at the beginning of the face-off, but nature flips the rapper’s expectations upside-down as the tables turn.

“If he can bust a nut, you know he can bust a snake’s head open, no problem,” Snoop weighs in.

So who emerges as the winner in this clash of the critters? The viewer, of course. But watch the video below to discover who comes out on top, the squirrel or the snake.