Stephen Colbert Rips Rupe, The Daily, Arianna & Launches ‘Colbuffington Re-Post’ (Video)

Comedy Central host takes aim at two of the media industry’s biggest personalities on same show

Last Updated: February 17, 2011 @ 1:19 PM

Stephen Colbert took aim at two of the media industry's biggest personalities on Wednesday's "Colbert Report": Rupert Murdoch and Arianna Huffington.

First, Colbert addressed several issues surrounding Huffington's $315 million sale of the Huffington Post to AOL. Well, actually one: his cut.

The Comedy Central host pointed out that HuffPo, which is "famous for its extensive, comprehensive coverage of things other people produce and put on the Internet," has a dedicated Colbert page filled with "Colbert Report" clips.

"Where's my money Arianna?" Colbert asked. "Until the Huffington Post pays me for repurposing my content, I am happy to announce my new website: 'The Colbuffington Re-Post.'"

"It's got everything you love about the Huffington Post, because it's the Huffington Post with a new border around it that says the Colbuffington Re-Post," he said, adding: "I'm proud to announce that the Colbuffington Re-Post is now for sale. I will take $316 million."

Later, Colbert — who admitted he's a "hardcore news junkie" who "tie[s] off and mainlines some uncut Coop" and "drop[s] a tab of 'AC 360'" — also took on the launch of Rupert Murdoch's "Daily."