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Stephen Colbert Rips Rupe, The Daily, Arianna & Launches ‘Colbuffington Re-Post’ (Video)

Comedy Central host takes aim at two of the media industry’s biggest personalities on same show

Stephen Colbert took aim at two of the media industry's biggest personalities on Wednesday's "Colbert Report": Rupert Murdoch and Arianna Huffington.

First, Colbert addressed several issues surrounding Huffington's $315 million sale of the Huffington Post to AOL. Well, actually one: his cut.

The Comedy Central host pointed out that HuffPo, which is "famous for its extensive, comprehensive coverage of things other people produce and put on the Internet," has a dedicated Colbert page filled with "Colbert Report" clips.

"Where's my money Arianna?" Colbert asked. "Until the Huffington Post pays me for repurposing my content, I am happy to announce my new website: 'The Colbuffington Re-Post.'"

"It's got everything you love about the Huffington Post, because it's the Huffington Post with a new border around it that says the Colbuffington Re-Post," he said, adding: "I'm proud to announce that the Colbuffington Re-Post is now for sale. I will take $316 million."

Later, Colbert — who admitted he's a "hardcore news junkie" who "tie[s] off and mainlines some uncut Coop" and "drop[s] a tab of 'AC 360'" — also took on the launch of Rupert Murdoch's "Daily."