Watch Tan France Try to Make John Mulaney Look ‘F—able’ on ‘Dressing Funny’ (Video)

France dresses a new comedian on each episode of the new Netflix YouTube series

On the first episode of his new digital social series, “Dressing Funny,” “Queer Eye” fashion expert Tan France gives John Mulaney a fashion makeover, playfully telling the comedian that his stage uniform of ’50s-style suits makes him look “older” than he really is.

“You’re a respectable man, but I want you to be a f—able man,” France tells the 36-year-old Mulaney.

In the 12-minute video shown weekly on Netflix’s YouTube channel, France put Mulaney in a bunch of different looks, including one inspired by Pete Davidson’s distinct sense of style. Mulaney switched clothes with Davidson on stage before, so this was familiar territory, though he still didn’t look all that comfortable.

Wearing France’s best version of a Davidson-esque “hypebeast” outfit, Mulaney says he feels more like a narc — aka “an adult who pretends to be a teen using drugs.”

France wasn’t pleased either. “I’m really angry. Like, I’ve never wanted to hit you more,” France said as he observed Mulaney wearing a neon-yellow sweatshirt that reads “DSQUARED2,” plus baggy track pants and a gold chain.

“I don’t love this person,” Mulaney said, adding a pair of reflective shades. “Who’s selling ecstasy? I’m part of your school.”

“You know, there was a time when people always thought I was younger than I was… to find out that he thought that I was older is, it’s devastating,” Mulaney also said. “I love harsh realities.”

But after a quick switcheroo, Mulaney emerges in a dark pink t-shirt, brown suede jacket, light wash skinny jeans and Chelsea boots.

“You look cool without trying too hard, sophisticated — you look age appropriate, but like a cool 36,” France says after exclaiming that Mulaney actually has “a really good butt.”

“Dressing Funny” will air weekly on Netflix’s YouTube Channel.