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Watch Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert Team Up Against Trump for Cold Open Tonight (Video)

Conan O’Brien makes an appearance too

Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert, despite being on separate networks, will team up for a cold open that will air on both “The Tonight Show” and “The Late Show” on Tuesday night.

In the video, which you can see below, Colbert is finishing up his monologue for Tuesday’s show that appears to be an answer to President Donald Trump calling him and other late-night TV hosts “no talent” and “lowlifes” before Fallon comes in on video chat.

Conan O’Brien also appears toward the end.

At a rally Monday night in South Carolina Trump complained again about Fallon and fellow “no talent” TV hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Colbert — the latter of whom Trump called “the guy on CBS” but refused to name.  Trump and Fallon have had a war of words this week.

On Sunday, Trump complained on Twitter about how Fallon, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, said he regretted tussling Trump’s hair on “The Tonight Show” two months before the 2016 presidential election. The host was heavily criticized for the cutesy moment by people who said it “normalized” the then-candidate.

Mike DiCenzo, a producer for “The Tonight Show,” said on his own account: “This might be a late-night first: and will both be airing the SAME cold open tonight. So fun working on this together with Jimmy, Stephen, and Conan. #LostSoul.” An insider with knowledge of both shows’ broadcast plans confirmed that NBC and CBS would be using the same cold open.