Watch the ‘Pawn Stars’ Guys Fawn Over George Lucas’ Original ‘Star Wars’ Script (Exclusive Video)

This IS the script you’re looking for…

“Pawn Stars” is going to a galaxy far, far away on its next episode (and not the one that left fans disappointed this past weekend), as Rick Harrison and Steve Grad get chills when they see the original script for George Lucas’ first “Star Wars” film.

You can watch the two get reduced to a pair of fan boys in the exclusive video above.

The original draft includes Lucas’ many revisions (hey, it’s a draft), which is a mixed of typed and handwritten notes. It was initially titled as “The Star Wars” (Saga 1). Rick says it has to be worth “at least” $5 million, but unfortunately that item is not for sale.

The clip is part of the History channel series’ special “Star Wars” themed episode, “May the Pawn Be With You,” which airs Monday night at 10 p.m. ET.

The episode follows Rick to London where he tracks down, examines, determines the value and potentially purchases some of the most legendary items from the “Star Wars” universe. Aside from the script, the items also include the original Hans Solo blaster used by Harrison Ford in “A New Hope” and a number of other epic props and wardrobe items.

“Pawn Stars” is produced by ITV America’s Leftfield Pictures.