Watch Vin Diesel Beat Up Dinosaurs in New Game ‘ARK II’ (Video)

Diesel plays a primitive war chief in Studio Wildcard’s upcoming game

Gamers who tuned into the seventh annual Game Awards Thursday evening found a surprisingly familiar face pop up in the world premiere cinematic trailer for Studio Wildcard’s upcoming action-adventure game “ARK II.”

Vin Diesel is the star in this continuation of the “ARK: Survival Evolved” franchise, and he plays Santiago, a war chief who’s not afraid to go toe-to-toe with prehistoric creatures to protect his clan.

Wildcard Studios confirmed Diesel’s casting on Twitter after the trailer aired. The studio is also releasing a limited animated series further exploring the backstory of its game character Helena, which will premiere sometime soon and star a totally stacked cast, including Diesel, David Tennant, Gerard Butler, Russell Crowe, Elliot Page and Juliet Mills.

The Game Awards live stream

In the cinematic clip, Diesel’s Santiago is leading his clan through the forest when an angry T-Rex shows up and starts snacking on his fellow travelers. Santiago wastes no time defending his people, smacking around some Orc-looking dinosaurs with his tomahawk before putting a spear straight through the T-Rex’s neck. Santiago then escapes down a narrow shaft, carrying his kid, who gleefully blows a raspberry in the raging dinosaur’s face.

“ARK II” doesn’t have a release date yet, but Studio Wildcard said it will share more information about the upcoming title later this week.

This isn’t the first video game Diesel has lent his image and acting talents to — he played Richard B. Riddick in the 2007 game “Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena.” He also played himself in the 2009 “Fast and Furious”-inspired game “Wheelman.”

Fans on Twitter were quick to express their excitement about the game — and, of course, to make memes about it. “‘Fast and Furious 9’ looks wild, dinosaurs and everything,” one fan joked.

Check out the cinematic trailer above, and see some reactions to it below.


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