Watch What Penguin Does When He Comes Home To Cheating Wife (Video)

The most savage thing about this encounter was the narrator

National Geographic

The National Geographic Channel tweeted a video Friday evening of a penguin starting a violent and bloody scuffle after coming home and finding his wife with another penguin — and he got social media’s sympathy.

The video started off innocently enough, with images of happy birds frolicking on the beach, mating, breeding and just living life… and then things took a turn for the ugly.

“But this husband has come home to find his wife with another penguin,” said the narrator. “He flips out. His strategy is simple — batter the homewrecker until he flees.”

The scene then switches to two penguins going at it with their wings. At this point, the narrator lets us know that these aren’t just any ordinary bird wings slapping each other, oh no. He explains that “they use them like baseball bats to club each other.”

After the husband and the “homewrecker” battle it out to a stalemate, they call the wife over to pick the winner. (Spoiler: she doesn’t choose the husband.)

The husband won’t give up easily,  though. He continues to pick a fight with the homewrecker to win his lady back, but he gets beaten up again and she still ends up picking the other penguin. Or in the narrator’s words: “She’s got no time for losers.”

This bird is literally having the worst day of its life — and the National Geographic narrator isn’t making it any better.

At this point, social media could not handle it.

“The penguin found out his girl was cheating, fought for her honor, and she still chose the other penguin. I’m hurting dawg,” tweeted one invested viewer.

While most sympathized with the penguin, others found that the real savage was the narrator.

“The most heartless thing about that Mr. Penguin video is the narrator,” said another user.

Watch the drama unfold below.