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Watch Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy Perform From His Own Bathroom on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (Video)

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Last Updated: April 1, 2020 @ 6:41 AM

For music fans, one of the biggest bummers about this horrible coronavirus pandemic is the number of great concert tours and events that have been canceled or postponed. For instance, the band Wilco, which was supposed to be on tour right now but postponed all its March and April dates.

One of the things  Wilco was supposed to do during its tour was appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” But thanks to everyone, including all the late-night hosts, self-quarantining, that appearance was nixed. But to make up for it, on Monday night’s episode, Kimmel closed the show by turning it over to Wilco’s lead singer and principal songwriter, Jeff Tweedy.

Tweedy, appearing in his own bathroom along with his sons Sam and Spencer, performed a heartfelt, and at the same time amusing rendition of his song “Everygreen,” from his 2019 solo album “Warmer.”

Tweedy has performed along with Spencer live, and the two of them and Sam harmonize beautifully in the clip. It doesn’t fill the hole left by the postponed tour dates for, say, someone who might be writing this very sentence and was also extremely looking forward to seeing Wilco in LA in less than a week. But it’s fun to watch nevertheless.

Watch the full clip of Jeff Tweedy performing “Evergreen” above.