Watch Zac Efron Pole Dance… Sort Of (Video)

Well, there is a poll… and music… and Zach

Last Updated: June 4, 2017 @ 3:12 AM

Zac Efron proved that he’s got abs of steel during an appearance on “The Graham Norton Show” Friday night.

Norton told Efron that he was flipping through a magazine when he came across a photo of the “Baywatch” star doing something he wasn’t sure was real.

“Zac was casually walking down the street with no shirt on and he was leaning against a parking meter,” Norton said, showing a photo of Efron grabbing the meter and lifting his body, making it perpendicular to the pole. Quite a feat of abdominal strength.

“Are you really doing that or are there wires?” Norton asked.

Efron replied simply, “Yeah.”

“Not that I’m calling you a liar, but there’s a pole right over there,” Norton said, pointing to stage left. “You can do this, right?”

Watch the video above and see for yourself.