Watch Zoe Saldana Recruit Stephen Hawking to Find Simon Pegg’s Lost Cat (Video)

“Star Trek” actress also taps John Cho, Simon Pegg and Keanu Reeves for educational viral clip

Who do you call if you need to stir up interest in the ever-growing field of quantum information theory and computing?

Probably the movie stars that play such experts on the big screen. Outer space queen Zoe Saldana and her production company Cinestar Pictures, with the help of director Alex Winter (“Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”),  released a comedy short starring herself, genius Stephen Hawking and Keanu Reeves.

The clip also features her “Star Trek” costars John Cho and Simon Pegg.

“Quantum is Calling” (watch above) was made to promote Caltech’s Institute of Quantum Information and Matter and Kavli Nanoscience Institute, in conjunction with Trouper Productions.

The short sees Saldana lose Pegg’s cat in mysterious portal (located inside a FedEx box), and enlist Hawking’s help to find the furry creature by answering  quantum trivia. “Calling” follows a similar short that saw Hawking face off against actor Paul Rudd in a game of chess.

Saldana will next be seen in Ben Affleck’s “Live By Night,” followed by next year’s anticipated Marvel sequel “Guardians of the Galaxy II.”

Saldana runs Cinestar with sisters Cisely and Mariel.