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Media Rips President Trump Over Claim That Terror Attacks Go Unreported

”Stupid of Trump to say the media doesn’t cover terror attacks. They do,“ conservative radio host Joe Walsh tweets

President Donald Trump claimed on Monday that some terror attacks are under-reported, but media watchdogs and pundits have fired back to prove him wrong.

“You have seen what happened in Paris and Nice. All over Europe it’s happening,” Trump said during a visit to the Department of Defense. “It’s gotten to a point where it’s not even being reported. And in many cases the very, very dishonest press doesn’t want to report it.”

CNN’s Brian Stelter pointed out in his “Reliable Sources” newsletter that many attacks are “so widely covered, they’re known by a single word, like Paris, Nice, and Orlando.”

“CBS Evening News” anchor Scott Pelley was among the veteran journalists who shot down Trump’s assertion.

“Today President Trump told a U.S. military audience that there have been terrorist attacks that no one knows about because the media choose not to report them. It has been a busy day for presidential statements divorced from reality,” Pelley said on Monday night.

The White House eventually distributed a list of 78 terrorist attacks to support Trump’s claim. Still, some of his biggest fans don’t agree.

“Stupid of Trump to say the media doesn’t cover terror attacks. They do,” conservative radio host Joe Walsh tweeted. “What he should’ve said was the media covers up for Islam. They do.”

Check out some of the other reaction to Trump’s comment: