We Care for Our Own: We Received … and We Gave!

Where the money we raised in January went — and new fundraiser is being planned for post-Easter

Last Updated: March 26, 2011 @ 10:39 PM

Dear Everybody,

This is an update about what is happening at We Care for Our Own, Inc., which Richard Stellar asked us to put on TheWrap.

We have incorporated We Care for Our Own to make it a bonafide tax-deductible charity. For those of you who are not aware, We Care for Our Own benefits the residents of the Motion Picture Home's Long Term Care facility and Harry's Haven.

I'd love to tell you about the many thank you messages that we have received. Although we can't mention those people by name out of respect for their privacy, or the people in the Long Term Care unit and Harry's Haven who asked for or needed help — we can tell you that the $30,000 that we raised this past January has gone to benefit the residents.

The gifts that we gave out were as follows:

>> We purchased a chair lift for a woman who needed a new one.

>> We gifted a motorized scooter for someone who needed a new one.

>> We paid for a new set of teeth for a lady who needed them.

>> We saw to it that a woman who needed special care had companionship twice a week…someone who encouraged her to get up and walk, and fed her when she wasn't able to feed herself.

>> We made a massage available for someone who had been a grip for 30 years at MGM and he experienced a big difference in the way he was feeling after the twice weekly massages in his room.

>> We made several women happy as they had their hair done in their rooms while wearing warm and comfortable clothes and slippers.

>> And of course everyone enjoyed the Chanukah and Christmas baskets that we handed out which consisted of warm socks, potpourri, sugarless cookies, raisins, photo frames, stationary, and other goodies.

We are also excited to announce that a new fundraiser is being planned for this year following Easter, which will consist of an estate sale comprised of celebrity donations which include memorabilia and costumes from their careers. We will also holding an auction to keep funding our efforts for everyone who believes in We Take Care of Our Own. Please join us as we continue to serve those who are currently in Long Term Care, and Harry's Haven (the Alzheimer's unit), and future generations who will now be able to avail themselves of these services.

Many other people need services but are too embarrased to ask. Maybe our writing to TheWrap will encourage them to now ask for things, large or small, to make life easier or more fun for them. We feel the money we raised belongs to everyone in Long Term Care and Harry's Haven. If any of the other people read this message from us, they have to only e-mail us (see below) and request services and we'll be happy to make them available.

If you would like to make a donation, request our services for a resident at the Long Term Care unit or Harry's Haven, or are in the industry and want to donate items for our estate sale and auction, please email magicemmy@aol.com.


Renee and Joe


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