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WE tv’s ‘Sex Box’ Gets a Hard, Passionate ‘No’ From Parents Group

Watchdog organization demands channel be yanked from cable bundle

The Parents Television Council is hot and bothered over WE tv’s upcoming series “Sex Box” — but not in the way that the network had hoped for.

The watchdog group has thrust itself into the controversy over the show,  which will feature couples — duh — having sex in a box, and then talking about it with relationship experts.

The PTC specifically objects to the fact that the show will be aired on a channel that’s bundled with outlets providing more wholesome fare.

“In order for a child to watch the Disney Channel, her parents must now also pay for a live sex show on WE tv. Something is terribly, horribly broken in the marketplace when an industry is capable of making that happen,” the organization’s president, Tim Winter, said of the series, which premieres Feb. 27. “A live sex show on TV is something that might show up on a premium cable network … But forcing it into the basic cable bundle and making parents and families pay for it is an outrage. ‘Sex Box’ should never see the light of day on basic cable.”

Winters isn’t engaging in mere turgid posturing; the PTC is hoping to really stick it to WE tv with a petition calling for the the removal of the channel from the cable network bundle. The group plans to put the squeeze on companies that advertise on the show too.

“We will also be holding publicly to account every single corporation that chooses to underwrite the program with its advertising dollars. Sponsors need to be aware that actions have consequences, and we’ll see to it that they do,” Winter noted.

Watch a trailer for the show.