‘Web Therapy': Watch the Full Premiere of Lisa Kudrow’s Showtime Comedy (Video)

The ‘Friends’ alum brings her hit online series to premium cable

Lisa Kudrow launched her online-only series "Web Therapy" — about a questionable therapist who dispenses her services only in three-minute bursts via iChat — back in 2008, and has quietly racked up three seasons' worth of quirky-good material and two Webby Awards.

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Last year, Showtime picked up the shorts with plans to flesh out them into ten 30-minute episodes, each of which would take footage from the online series and fill them out with fresh material depicting more of the sad, zany home life of Kudrow's character, Fiona Wallice.

The finished product debuted on Showtime on Tuesday night. In the premiere, Fiona dishes out advice to a former boyfriend, played by Tim Bagley. Future installments will feature guest appearances by Jane Lynch and Meryl Streep.

Showtime has cleverly posted the entire full-length debut episode on its website, and we have somewhat less cleverly reproduced it here. Enjoy.