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Yes, That ‘Avatar’ Moment in ‘WeCrashed’ Is Based on a Real Event

Rebekah Neumann really did dress up as one of the Na’vi, so Anne Hathaway did too

What would Anne Hathaway have looked like as one of the Na’vi people from James Cameron’s “Avatar”? Well, episode four of “WeCrashed,” now streaming on Apple TV+, has an answer — and yes, that costume choice was actually based on real life.

In this week’s episode, fans finally meet America Ferrera’s character, Elishia Kennedy. She meets Rebekah Neumann (Hathaway) at a Halloween party at their children’s school. Kennedy has gone just as intensely as Neumann has, wrapped head to toe as a mummy, and jokes “Maybe we overdid it.”

It creates a sweet bonding moment for the women, allowing Rebekah to make a true friend. But for the record, the Na’vi look wasn’t just chosen as an outlandish costume to help the story along.

“That’s based on a real story,” showrunners Lee Eisenberg and Drew Crevello told TheWrap. “That’s based on a real costume.”

Rebekah’s choice in Halloween costumes is just the latest on the list of details “WeCrashed” incorporated from real life. Also on the list is Adam Neumann’s (Jared Leto) love of Katy Perry’s song “Roar.”

Getting small details like that was an extensive process, and one that Eisenberg and Crevello talked to a lot of people to complete.

“I mean, the first thing we did was we, you know, we listened to the podcast and we became obsessed with the story,” Eisenberg explained. “We read every article that existed on Adam and Rebecca, we listened to every interview that they had done, we hired a researcher and the researcher spoke to friends of theirs to former co-workers, we spoke to prospective investors and people who were very close and kind of in the inner circle of WeWork and of Adam and Rebecca.”

Unfortunately, any photographic evidence of the real Rebekah Neumann in full “Avatar” makeup does not appear to exist online these days. But fans can rest easy knowing that the showrunners did their due diligence.

According to Hathaway herself, the look only took an hour and a half to apply — but “getting it all off took weeks.” The actress posted an up-close look at the detailing of the makeup on her Instagram on Friday.

Check it out below.

The first four episodes of “WeCrashed” are now streaming on Apple TV+.

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