This Week in TV: Sex on ‘Glee,’ ‘Vietnam in HD’ and a Very Snooki Shopping Spree

Meanwhile, TLC spotlights a Muslim-American community and Ty and the “Extreme Makeover” crew are celebrity veterans on Veteran’s Day

Here's what all the TV-loving kids will be talking about this week:

"Glee" Characters Are Losing It
The episode's called "The First Time," and yes, it's the first time you're thinking of. Kurt loses his virginity to his boyfriend Blaine, and diva-in-training Rachel has sex with boyfriend Finn for the first time.

It's not like TV teens — gay and heterosexual — haven't lost their virginity in primetime before, and there's always some TV watchdog group that works itself into a tizzy every time it happens.

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But this episode, with two fan-favorite couples doing the deed, promises to unfold in a way we might not have seen before, and not just because the romantic stories are happening while the McKinley gang is getting ready to star in Artie's direction of "West Side Story."

"Glee" airs Tuesday on Fox.

History Channel Goes Back to Vietnam
The network's 2009 documentary miniseries "WWII in HD" won an Emmy, and now the same format is being applied to the Vietnam War for History Channel's three-night  miniseries "Vietnam in HD." (Tuesday-Thursday)
Thirteen real veterans share their experiences from the Vietnam War against the backdrop of powerful footage, some never seen before and some shot by soldiers themselves. "Dexter" star Michael C. Hall narrates and stars from Blair Underwood, James Marsden and Armie Hammer to Dylan McDermott, Edward Burns and Jennifer Love Hewitt provide voiceovers that segue into on-camera interviews with those who came back to tell their tales.

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The footage, gathered from all across the world and remastered to look spectacular in HD, is powerful, but the veteran interviews are the most compelling part of the six-hour series, which sheds new light on what remains one of the most polarizing events in American history.

"Vietnam in HD" premieres Tuesday on the History Channel.

From Vietnam to … Dearborn, Michigan?
That's the setting for TLC's new reality series "All-American Muslim," which follows five families in Dearborn, one of the largest Arab-American communities in the country.

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Life has been particularly challenging for members of the community post-Sept. 11, and producers have pledged to take viewers "inside the rarely seen world of American Muslims to uncover a unique community struggling to balance faith and nationality in a post 9/11 world."

"All-American Muslim" premieres Sunday on TLC.

"Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition" Honors Veterans
Do-gooding is afoot in every episode of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," but this week's Veteran's Day episode is a particularly special one, as host Ty Pennington recalls some of the show's best makeovers involving military families, and revisits some of them to see how they're doing in their redone homes.

A line-up of celebrity guests — Whoopi Goldberg, Robin Williams, Rachael Ray and solider-turned-actor and "Dancing With the Stars" favorite J.R. Martinez among them — also pop in to shed light on issues facing military men and women once they return from active duty. Viewers will be encouraged throughout the hour to make donations to veterans organizations at

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The special episode culminated with a performance by pop star Jewel, in front of an audience of veterans and active-duty military members.

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition — A Veteran's Day Special" premieres Friday on ABC.

Shopping With Snooki
And for something completely different: The rest of TV land may be nobly honoring veterans, trying to rid the world of racial stereotypes and celebrating young love with lavish musical numbers, but on HSN this week, it's all about a certain Nicole Polizzi trying to fill the stockings of "Jersey Shore" fans with Snooki-branded swag.

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Snooki sunglasses, Snooki tote bags (leopard print, of course) and Snooki eau de parfum are among the goodies the pint-sized reality star will be hawking during her live, two-hour  special.

And really, who doesn't want to smell like Snooki?

"A Very Snooki Holiday Gift Special" premieres Thursday on HSN.