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Weird Al Yankovic Goes Gaga in ‘Perform This Way’ (Video)

The man who brought the world ”Eat It“ unleashes his spoof of the ‘”Judas” singer

Ready to revel in the image of a cleavage-baring Weird Al Yankovic? Yeah, we weren't either, but what can you do? It's Weird Al's world, and we are merely his obedient pawns.

The "Eat It" parody maestro unleashes his satirical powers on Lady Gaga in his new "Perform This Way" video, a send up of Gaga's "Born This Way." And in case the combination of Yankovic and Gaga wasn't bizarre enough, his head is stripped onto a half-naked woman's body throughout the clip.

Get your family-size bottle of eye bleach at the ready and check out the "Perform This Way" video below.