‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Remixed the Presidential Debate to Finally Make It Palatable (Video)

“We’re All Doomed,” indeed

Yankovic 2020 (and 2024). “Weird Al” Yankovic remixed Tuesday’s presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and he pretty much captured our thoughts with the title, “We’re All Doomed.”

Watch autotune at its finest and American politics at its worst via the video above. “Weird Al” graces us with some solid scatting in the beginning, too — and a good joke paying off the temporary self-indulgence.

“2020’s a raging hellscape, any ideas on how to stop a worldwide plague?” Yankovic initially invites debate between the candidates while seated behind Chris Wallace’s desk.

And then the incumbent and his challenger rattle off a bunch of dumb stuff. (To be fair, one much more so than the other, just like during the real debate.)

“Weird Al’s” reaction to Trump’s boast about bringing back Big 10 football is about as good as it gets. Even Wallace would probably admit Yankovic did the better moderating job. (Perhaps “Weird Al” Yankovic’s leaf blower accessory should be considered among the new debate rules: Point that thing at Trump’s hair and see if he doesn’t suddenly let Biden get a point across.)

The “We’re All Doomed” refrain echoes what we’ve been asking since the coronavirus first made landfall in the United States: “Who’s it gonna be?/in the West Wing?/We’re living in the apocalypse/I’m begging you to put a stop to this/Pretty please?”

Yes, it’s all very “dignified,” a word Yankovic is told to keep in mind for the tough task. That instruction could have gone a long way on Tuesday night.

Smell you later, dudes.


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