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‘Welcome to the Punch’ Trailer: Slow-Mo Gunfights and James McAvoy (Video)

The "Wanted" actor returns to slow-motion gunfighting in this upcoming British crime thriller

If James McAvoy didn't get his fair share of slow-motion gunfighting sequences in "Wanted," he most certainly has now.

The first trailer for the upcoming British crime thriller "Welcome to the Punch" shows him pulling plenty of triggers and dodging plenty of bullets while flying slo-o-o-o-wly through the air.

Oddly enough, despite the title, no signs of any fist-fighting.

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The film revolves around a cop (McAvoy) hunting down his criminal nemesis (Mark Strong) after the baddie emerges from hiding and returns to London to rescue his son — shot in a heist gone wrong — from the hospital. All may not be as it seems, though, as McAvoy begins to discover that perhaps he's after the wrong man. 

"Punch," directed by Eran Creevy ("Shifty") and co-starring David Morrissey, hits theaters on March 15, 2013.

Watch the trailer: