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Wes Anderson Directs H&M Christmas Commercial Starring Adrien Brody (Video)

”Come Together“ features clothing from H&M’s holiday collection

Wes Anderson doesn’t have a quirky comedy coming to theaters this year, but he did direct a quirky Christmas commercial, starring Adrien Brody, for H&M.

In the ad, Brody plays a train conductor who has to tell passengers that the train is delayed an additional 11-and-a-half hours due to unforeseen weather changes and mechanical difficulties. Because he knows it might put a damper on everyone’s Christmas plans, he announces that the team will put together a complimentary Christmas brunch.

A Christmas miracle ensues for the passengers on the train, with the conductor finding a Christmas tree, decorations and a Santa hat along their train route.

“Come Together,” the commercial reads at the end. The ad, which is nearly four minutes long, features clothing from H&M’s holiday collection.

The entire commercial is in classic Anderson style, reminiscent of the train scene in 2014’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel.”  Anderson’s other credits include “The Darjeeling Limited” and “The Royal Tenenbaums.” His next film, which is still untitled, is due out in 2018.

Watch the video above.