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‘Westworld': Vincent Cassel Says ‘Serac Knows Everything’ and His Story Goes Beyond Season 3 Finale

”If you want to destroy Serac, you have to mess up with his logic,“ HBO star tells TheWrap

(Warning: This post contains spoilers for Episode 7 of “Westworld” Season 3.)

“Westworld” Season 3 ends this Sunday in an episode that will see Aaron Paul’s Caleb attempt to enact whatever plan was given to him by the A.I. Solomon. And while we have no idea what that plan is, Serac does — at least that’s what Vincent Cassel tells TheWrap.

Cassel plays Serac, the man who constructed Solomon with his brother Jean Mi and then abandoned it, and his “outlier” brother, in favor of the more stable, controllable A.I. Rehoboam — an instrument he’s used to help Incite create paths for humanity in order to bring about what he believes to be a better world. But now, thanks to Dolores’s and Caleb’s interference, Serac’s plan is under threat for the first time in a long time.

“Listen, you have to know something that will be my only answer to this: Serac knows everything,” Cassel said, when we asked if Serac is prepared for what Caleb is coming at him with. “If you want to destroy Serac, you have to mess up with his logic. But in terms of information, you cannot go through.”

During last week’s episode, the seventh and penultimate installment of Season 3, we were treated to a holographic message from Serac that Dolores and Caleb stumbled upon in the facility where Solomon is housed. This recording was meant for Serac’s brother Jean Mi to find one day, should be he rehabilitated from his outlier status and be released from his pod. So when did Serac record this, and what the heck did he mean when he said he could not be there himself to see his brother, as the man he was when he taped the message “no longer exists”?

“Wow. That’s a very tricky question,” Cassel told us. “Well, first of all, as we know, we can dematerialize people at that point of the story. So people can be there but are they still alive or not, it’s another story. So we don’t know how long from he recorded that message, that that message was supposed to be heard, really. That’s one thing. And about the finale, I think, I guess now for Serac question is– is he gonna be able to do what he wants?”

Now, we have no idea what that is and Cassel — a series newcomer for Season 3 — definitely won’t tell us, but he says that you will “definitely” find out in the finale, as “the resolution of that part of the plot” comes by the end.

“I think it’s a very satisfying finale and to be honest, it’s a real resolution to this whole moment of ‘Westworld,'” Cassel said. “And as a big fan of the first two seasons, what I found very interesting was that watching the new season, I never think about the Western and all those things. Those images don’t come back to me anymore. It’s been so reinvented and it works for what it is, that I never miss that feeling of the Western. And so in that sense, in that new season of ‘Westworld,’ with all those worlds and cars and stuff, I feel the finale is very satisfying because it’s the epitome of this high-tech world, I would say.”

If you’re worried about the fact Cassel says Season 3 has a definite conclusion for this Serac plot, meaning you won’t see him in Season 4 — which “Westworld” was recently renewed for by HBO — don’t, because Cassel says his story doesn’t end with what we’ve seen so far.

“Honestly, when [creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy] first approached me, they told me a story — that’s the only thing I can answer — they told me the story of Serac on a really big scale,” he said. “And then I discovered things that they tell me over the phone, in the different episodes, with everything they told me, it’s not in Season 3. So who knows.”

The “Westworld” Season 3 finale airs this Sunday at 9/8c on HBO.