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‘Westworld’ Creators on Shogun World in Season 2: There’s Basically a ‘Whole Episode in Japanese’

”We wanted to feel like our story dropped into a totally different world,“ Jonathan Nolan says

“Westworld’s” violent delights may have even more violent ends in Season 2, thanks to Shogun World. And they will be coming at you in an entirely different language too.

Co-creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy gave some new scoop on the highly-teased park that will be featured in the upcoming installment of their HBO series in an interview with Entertainment Weekly published Monday, including that one episode will be entirely in Japanese.

Nolan said he was “obsessed with Japanese cinema as a kid” and wanted to use Shogun World as an “homage to Akira Kurosawa.”

So is that why the trailers and social media teases make Delos Destinations Japanese-themed appear to be a far more violent park than even Westworld?

“In addition to Kurosawa films, which are plenty bloody, I grew up watching the Sonny Chiba films — those are the ones [Quentin] Tarantino is riffing on in his films with the superfluidity of gore and mayhem; this sense of an alternately brutal and beautiful world that raises the volume on what the guests might be looking for,” Nolan said. “It wasn’t just about gore, it’s also about being immersive. We wanted to feel like our story dropped into a totally different world. Basically, we have a whole episode in Japanese.”


“It’s not our world,” Joy added. “It’s their world, and it’s thrilling to walk through.”

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