WFAN Host Mike Francesa Has Least-Touching Stan Lee Tribute of the Day: ‘Oh, Who Cares?’ (Video)

Try not to choke up, Mike

Mike Francesa WFAN

Millions of people were saddened by the death of comic book icon Stan Lee on Monday. Mike Francesa wasn’t one of them.

The New York City sports radio host was absolutely clueless when a caller asked him to weigh in on the Marvel legend — dismissively letting his audience know he was “not a comic book guy.” Caller Eddie in Hoboken, New Jersey, thinking that the “Sports Pope” might have some fond memories to share and the answer wasn’t what he was expecting.

“Hey Mike, Stan Lee died today? Did you ever meet the guy? What did you think of him?” asked Eddie.

“Stan Lee?” Francesa shot back.

“Yeah, Stan Lee. You never heard of Stan Lee?” Eddie continued.

“I don’t know who he is. I don’t know who he is, no.”

“Jesus,” Eddie said incredulously, before hanging up.

The guessing game didn’t stop there for Francesa, however. “Who is he? Who is he? Who is Stan Lee?”

His producer finally lets him in on the secret: “He was one of the creators of Marvel Comics.”

“Oh, who cares? I mean, I’m sorry, I’m not a comic book guy,” said Francesa, with a waft of contempt for Spider-Man. “Is that who he is? Stan Lee?”

Francesca then explained he never read comics as a kid.

Our transcription can’t do the moment justice, however. Watch it here:

Francesa then doubled down in pridefully showing his lack of pop culture knowledge, letting his listeners know he had “nevah” seen a single “Star Wars” movie. And luckily for hardcore Francesa fans, they can get riveting analysis like this for only $8.99 per month on his “Mike’s On” app.