WGA West Re-Elects 7 of 8 Incumbents to 2020 Board of Directors

“Power” co-executive producer Eric Haywood is the sole new member

wga writer's guild
Writers Guild of America West

The Writers Guild of America West announced on Monday the results of its 2020 Board of Directors Election, with seven of the race’s eight incumbents being re-elected.

The 2020 Board members are Betsy Thomas, Deric A. Hughes, Ashley Gable, Patti Carr, David Slack, Travis Donnelly, Patric M. Verrone, and newcomer Eric Haywood.

A total of 2,204 votes were cast, with Thomas leading the votes with 1,583. The remaining votes were as follows:  Deric A. Hughes (1,468), Ashley Gable (1,450), Patti Carr (1,447), David Slack (1,410), Eric Haywood (1,253), Travis Donnelly (1,192), Patric M. Verrone (1,122), Katherine Beattie (754), Daniel Kunka (753), Rob Forman (655), Andrew Ti (558), John Lopez (493), Leland Jay Anderson (303).

“A heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all the candidates that ran this year,” said WGA West President David A. Goodman. “The work of the Board continues, and we’re fortunate that we have so many members ready to step forward and give their free time to help protect and advance the interests of all our members.”


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