WGN Anchor Losing It Over NBC’s Olympic Footage Restrictions Is Must-See TV (Video)

Pat Tomasulo shows Peacock network who’s boss in epic on-air rant

Mention NBC’s stifling restrictions on Olympic footage to anyone who works in TV, and you’ll likely get a deep sigh or at least a roll of the eyes.

The network’s stronghold on the Summer Games has always been that of, well, Olympic proportions. But NBC’s tight rules were apparently too much for one local sports anchor who has apparently had it up to here.

“We’re not even allowed to use the Olympic theme song this year,” Pat Tomasulo, a sports reporter for the CW-affiliated WGN in Chicago, quipped in his live segment Tuesday. “Did you know that? And we can’t even incorporate the Olympic rings in any of our unique graphics. We have to show the whole thing or not at all.”

So instead of using Associated Press/Getty images to make up for the lack of footage — as most reporters are forced to do these days — Tomasulo decided to cover another big sporting event instead.

You may have heard of it, it’s called the “International Athletic Competition Run By One of the Most Corrupt Organizations in the World.” The IACRBOMCOW has a similar logo (five triangles instead of circles) and its own theme song: R. Kelly’s “Bump ‘n Grind,” which Tomasulo belted out on the air with gusto.

The best part may actually be his co-anchors, who seem to have a hard time keeping their composure while all this is going on.

Still, Tomasulo managed to give people some Olympic news about “Micky Philips” and “Katie Lee Decky” all delivered over video he apparently found in his mother’s basement.

“And now, just to cover ourselves legally, I’m going to give the report over my high school wrestling highlights because I have no video left,” Tomasulo said, as homemade video, credited to his parents’ camcorder and NBC Universal, aired on screen.

Check out his segment above. Seriously, it’s that good.