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Find Out What Eric Trump and Donald Glover’s ‘Atlanta’ Character Have in Common

Hint: It has something to do with free water cups

Donald Trump’s billionaire son, Eric Trump, and Donald Glover‘s flat-broke, almost homeless “Atlanta” character, Earn, have one thing in common – they steal drinks in free water cups.

Recently, the youngest of the Trump boys made headlines after a photo of him standing next to a Trump supporter at a Las Vegas In-N-Out went viral.

The picture showed Trump holding a free water cup … filled with lemonade (which in case you didn’t know, isn’t free and doesn’t belong in a free water cup).


The internet quickly took notice and criticized Trump for pulling the ultimate no-no at a fast-food restaurant.

“I’m sorry but for some reason I find ordering water but then getting lemonade the lowest of the low,” commented one Twitter user, while many others shared the same sentiment.

But let’s not be so quick to judge the lemonade thieving their, maybe he was just taking a page out of Glover’s playbook.

In the appropriately titled “Go For Broke” episode of “Atlanta,” the opening scenes show Earn arguing with the cashier over purchasing a kid’s meal. He wants the kid’s meal because it’s cheaper and she won’t let him order it because he’s not a kid nor does he have a child with him.

Earn finally concedes and asks for a cup for water, but takes the free cup and dispenses Diet Coke into it.

You see, Trump and Earn are basically exactly alike. Except for one could probably afford the $1.65 for a medium drink at In-N-Out and the other is almost homeless.