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Ever Wonder What Adele Would Look Like as Mrs. Doubtfire?

A new Tumblr shows us. And Adele makes a mighty fine Mrs. Doubtfire!

Don't ask how, don't ask why, but music, movies and the internet have collided to create a Tumblr titled, "What if Adele was Mrs. Doubtfire?"

The premise is simple, yet immensely entertaining.  Photoshop Adele's face on Mrs. Doubtfire (or vice versa) and submit it to the blog for all to see.

If you're one of the few left wondering who Adele is, then you're way out of the cultural loop. In the rare case you don't know who Mrs. Doubtfire is either, then you've been out of that loop for quite some time now and it's terrifying to think of what else you have been missing all these years.

In any case, the Twitterverse has discovered Robin Williams' bastard child and every tweet seems to be nothing but thankful for its existence.

Some are calling it "The Most Important Tumblr Of The Year," while another took the praise one step further by labeling it, "Best. Tumblr. Ever." 

Still, there are a few haters out there. Several tweeted, "The Internet proves again that unemployment is at all time high."

But at least the unemployed are being productive. If a 100% employment rate across the globe meant things like this wouldn't exist, are you sure you'd want that statistic to stand?  

Didn't think so.  

Check out Adele extinguishing an accidental boob fire below.

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